Monday, September 21

That about sums it up...

Bonelli Unification Race...or something to that effect.

(Please note I am stealing pictures from Allison and random people on facebook ; )

So Allison, Krista and I became unified on Sunday. We led the race as a unified force, then, not so much. With many of our comrades hanging the jerseys for the year, oh, two months ago, the three of us keep paying our $$$ to go for rides together.

It was hot. I remember one point where I said outloud on the full exposed hot and dusty fireroad that looks down on the freeway interchange, "I'm so hot..." with the Napolean Dynamite exhale. I can't remember being that hot in a race since maybe Santa Ynez two years ago. I only wadded it up once, on a hair pin uphill turn going to the feed zone. Narrowly missed re-opening Staple and got some blood on my shoes. Cool.

High light was having BMc at the race! He flogged the Cat 2 boys, poor chaps, and finished the race with a win and a helmet full of twigs due to a crash in the last half mile that had him recounting seeing "dirt, sky, dirt, sky, dirt, sky....ground." while intergecting motorcycle sounds. "Brrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaap brrrrap...."

Brian is the best. Once my race started, which consisted of 3 laps at 12:30 start...he was at multiple points on the course giving me time gaps but more importantly, moral support. Between calling lines, to telling me to ride my pace and not to worry about the gap, he really helped me out!

The main reasons I went to the race, though, was to see my friends and support Team Big Bear and Shoair for the amazing job they have done with the series this year. Although I havent made it out of the state to race, I am very grateful to even have a series to go to! These guys have done an amazing job keeping mountain biking alive in the whole country! It's important to me to do my part to help promote, show up and have a blast at these events to do what I can to spread the MTB love!

As for the friends, got to hook up with so many cool people that I haven't seen since mid-summer! Great to see the friendly faces
Allison, Lisa, Dot, Tonya, Heidi, me!

So there was an overall to be won. I guess I didn't get the memo or have just been tied up coaching jr. high volleyball and not doing my research! This race landed the three of us, well, in the top three! Next to the Idyllwild Pavers, this award is awesome! Solid iron or something, welded together, and HEAVY!!! Pretty cool momento....although not sure what to do with it. Could maybe do Kettlebell training, or sit on it to milk a cow, or something of that nature...
The week is flooded with volleyball games and practices, some teaching and grading, tack on some baby visiting and cuddling, then perhaps a bike ride or five topped off with a touch of pilates. All in 100 degree heat.
Tomorrow is the Autumnal Equinox. What gives? Where is fall?!....

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Pedal Circles said...

You should know better than to go for a run ;)

It's all good times. I was suffering like crazy on that same stretch. That's where I got goosebumps, and was chilled when I turned the corner into the breeze. Not good!

Agreed - great to have local races and it's always fun hanging out.