Tuesday, September 29

30, minus 1.

I was all excited to race the season finale up in Big Bear this weekend, where Allison and I could be Unified again and pay money to race/ride against each other. But alas, I have been attacked by the illness that has gotten half the school over the last 3 weeks. If I just chopped my head off I would be fine! So I opted for sleep and more sleep over the weekend, officially starting my off season.

But before then, I did some Calculations regarding this past season.

Here are my race stats:

Mountain Bike Races: 12

Short Track Race: 1

Road Race: 5

Crit: 11

Total those up, you get 29...Sunday was supposed to be 30...I also did the math on how much I spent on entry fees....hehe....

A few more interesting things, I finished each race I started. I only had ONE mechanical and that was at Rim Nordic where my rear shifter broke 2 miles into 24. Riding a 3-speed out there was quite the workout!!

I also only had ONE flat tire! That was in a crit at Ontario, where I was able to ride/run to the pits, grab Joey's rear wheel, Brian set me up, and jumped back in on the last lap.

I was fortunate enough to NEVER race sick...in the past I have raced at least 3 MTB events sick and unable to breath out my nose!

I also realized I did one Mountain Bike stage race, and one Road stage race, and four of the crit days, I did multiple races.

On the road, I have been able to race the 4's, 3's, 1/2/3 and Men's Cat 3! That by FAR was the most fun on a road bike! Riding with 4 teammates, in a mens crit with at least 60 guys, I finally realized what crits were all about! And it was my last crit.

So basically I can look back at this stoked about getting a lot of racing experience, excited about what next year brings, and I totally understand why I am now sick. It was quite the cornacopia of racing and experiences, and I haven't yet quite decided how it will pan out for next season.

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Pedal Circles said...

You had a killer season!!

WTG keeping up with all the events. You are now "well-rounded" :D