Wednesday, September 30

Getting Chicked...

After spending the evening Tuesday with Dorothy Wong, learning how to "Cross it Up" CycloCross style, I just may get that 30th race in yet...

In other news, some pretty rad chicks got in print about about bike racing and our silly little antics.

Check out these links, and a huge thanks to Heidi Volpe from Team Sho-Air who is a TRUE rad chick on and off the bike! She does duo endurance races, XC, road training, nutrition stuff, and pretty much the biggest Cougar around!

Check out stories from true killers like Katie Compton, Kelli Emmit, Alison, Powers, Krista Park, Allison Mann, and well me...


Bike Rumor

This is actually a really funny topic. Us gals chat about it OFTEN especially when we have mulitple age groups on a course at one time. We LOVE the older men. They are so kind and gracious. Sometimes there is a bit of "conflict" with the middle aged Sport (cat2) rider. Not sure what thats all about, but it usually goes something like this.

We beat them. They are miffed and "upset" that a GIRL beat them. How COULD she. Well dear, I train three times as much as you, OBSESSE about food, sleep, hill climbs, chamoi cream, hydration, and did I say I ride my bike a ton. Somehow I got a pro upgrade. I better act like. Train with any of us for a month, and you will soon be dropping us. I just don't like when guys are mad that a girl beat them. Period. Train more. Stop eating wacky things like burgers. Put the beer down. OR, just have a great time competing.

Heidi brought to my attention that a reader commented on the Outside-Blog that he had raced with me! I need to do some research but for the life of me, I don't know where or when I crossed his path! Thankfully, i wasn't a biscuit that day and he had good things to say about me, like my passion for the sport. But it really makes you think. A brief momentary encounter in the woods can leave a life-long impression on someone. Don't be too quick to order directions. Who knows if that rider is coming off a crash, illness, "life" issues etc, and your tone could potentially set them off of the sport we all love.

It never hurts to encourage, and show gratitude to another rider, we all know we appreciate it when it comes our directions. Heck, sometimes that has been the only positive thing in a race for me. My encounters with other people, of the same thoughts and beliefs and motives, that take that last remaining ounce of energy and encourage me to excell at what I set out to do.

Boy or girl, rock on! Because you are riding a bike, and we do it for fun!!

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