Friday, August 21


Road Racing and Crit racing in specific, are a team sport. I have no team!! Oh SNAP! I keep trying to convince other lone-rangers to band together with me, but no dice.

Pictured here, Erica and Katie from Kahala are LAUGHING at me when discussing the fact that there is a break, and if I infact attacked, I would be hung out to dry.

The SBDC chick doesn't think its funny. I guess we are supposed to be serious. Knowing me, that ain't gonna happen. I don't care how tight that turn is. But really, I asked the chicks "if I attack we are screwed, right?" Them, laughing. "No. YOu are." At least I know my place.

Back on the work front, school has started with a vengence. Once I get past the meetings and parents and lockers, I really like it. The kids are rad and I can already tell, we are gonna have some fun!

Today was the first, in 7 years, casual Friday. I wore the same polo shirt and plaid shorts I would wear on any other day. I suppose I dress pretty casual as a habit.

I am also currently plotting a new hair situation. Suggestions welcome, but colors must be neutral.

Happy pedaling!

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Pedal Circles said...

You rock, seriously.

I want a new hairdo also.