Tuesday, August 11

I've been having too much fun to photo document anything...

So take my word for it!!!

Maybe its because I am getting old or simply conditioned, but the 104 degree afternoons aren't kicking my butt as bad as they have summers past. Daily ride start time has been between 3-4pm, meandering into the dusk.

I am taking the manditory break from ruining teenagers lives by assigning them poopy lockers to check race results and other such web-based madness. Geeze, I have missed a bunch of cool stuff!! But recent pay cuts and more importantly, the self-perscribed debt-pay-off-plan have kept within a 3 hour radius of home.

I have, however, maintained my road/crit campaign which frankly leaves me emotionally taxed for up to 2 days post event. Since I am a cat 3, i can race the 3/4 events or the 1/2/3 races. Or be super over committed and do both. That's my favorite because I can be on the bike forever and figure this stuff out. There is a MARKED difference between the two events, and let's just say I have come to realize crit racing is a full-contact sport!

I poached this one off the net...I want that chicks PINK shoe covers. I have no idea what their purpose is, but i want them!

I got all amped out this last weekend and headed to the mountains for a mountain bike race, only to be greated at the top of the first climb with a broken shifter. Doh!! I got stuck with three gears, really fast, really slow, really not useable. Since Brian is a champ and RODE UP to the race from Yucaipa, he was on tap to get me into a "climbing" gear at the feed zone as i hammered off to work on my out-of-the-saddle skills! Sweet!

Great to see everyone at the races and catch up! And I realized/remembered how much I Love Love LOVE mountain biking!!!

This coming weekend, bit of a road trip to Sisquoc Road Race, then some more crit fun!

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Hua said...

That picture you have up is awesome!Good to see that someone is not getting beat by the heat, 104 degrees, wow!

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