Wednesday, April 9

Things i can do with $178 other than race at Sea Otter

I was going to go to Sea Otter.
Now i am not.

I have a job.
plus, I tend to have odd misfortunes there, and well, spending a small fortune in the process is really lame.

I went on the NET to see if i could register! Sure i can. BUT, since the race is like 2 weeks away, there are $25 late fee's for each category. That equals a $77 Short Track Race. Now i am no genuis, and i am no phenom at STXC. My last one lasted a whopping 18 minutes. Pretty long if you think about it. That means EACH MINUTE OF THE RACE WOULD HAVE COST ME $4.27!!!!

oK, i can bail out of that race. BUT, the Cross Country race cost $91. I just paid $105 for three races. I'm out.

Here's what i am going to contemplate doing with that cash instead:
1. Give it to Trevor.
2. Buy a pair of Rock and Republic jeans. (um, only if tattoo face helps me pick them out)
3. 6 bikini's from target or 2 from some other place
4. 1.35 months worth of rent on my storage unit
5. 1/4 of the new axle on my car
6. A hair cut - i need one, and a dye job, and a brow wax
7. A tattoo and a half, just to keep up with David
8. FOOD - buying non sugary non-processed food gets pretty pricey
9. 5.39 pairs of Crocs
10. 3.25 entries to State Races

I will be sure to keep you posted on what i do with my cash.

Maybe i will just put it under my bed.


Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

I agree that Sea Otter reg fees are a crime! Every year I think about just saying F-it and not going, but I keep on getting drawn back b/c it's soo much closer than the other big races- sigh...Look forward to seeing you at the Dirt Classic though- that's money very well spent!

Matt said...

Crocs are so last summer.

steve-o said...

dude, for like half of half of half of that amount i'll give you a kick-ass cut and color. i cut kayle leogrande's hair and he offered to tattoo me, and im pretty sure he could hook it up with some jeans. Other than bikini, i am the harbinger of like everything on your list. Not to mention i have a tattooed face (slightly smaller than mr. clinger).

vanessa said...

May I suggest SupperCuts??

Somthing fun to do is at the end of the season add up all the money you have spent. Hotel, race fees, parts, eating out, ect. Now think how many times you could have gone to Hawaii, Costa Rica, ect.

I must now go pay for Sea Otter to avoid even more late fees