Monday, April 28

A Few Things Come To Mind

1. Denim sucks. I just don't understand. The kids at school beg to wear it, they cost well over a hundred bucks and jeans are SO uncomfortable!! So i don't own a SINGLE pair. i borrowed some, and well, i must say they looked HOT. but that was IT. So tight, hard run and chase things, when i started to sweat (just sitting and they are SO dang temperature HOT), they stretched weird at the knees, sagged in the back and showed my chonies when i tried to tie my shoe. Give me some yoga pants!

2. Road race. $30. i like this style. Two problems with the day. we were going so wicked fast, there was no time or place to rid my nostrels of their goods, on the big huge giant back descent, they were just all over my face. Also, 1pm race in Palmdale equals HOT. i loosened my right shoe strap. i got so excited and forgot to loosen my left. By the end, it looked like i was pregnant on the left side, swollen ankles, puffy feet. Classic hot/fat foot.

3. Oh yes, i also have a broken cleat on my left road shoe. Solid. but my idea was this is not a mountain bike race, so in theory, the only time i will clip in is at the start, and only time out, at the finish. This did ring true, BUT, the up hill start proved tricky. my pedal was spinning in circles, i was kicking it and trying to get in, i had mountain biker written all over my back.

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