Wednesday, April 23

Bullet Points

i have started to organize my rambling thoughts in bullet points.
it makes me more efficient
it also makes you less confused

Dumbest voicemail this week: “Joy…..its *&%$. ….Friday. ….your probably busy… usual. Just calling….to….say hi. Maybe your racing this weekend, maybe not…….good luck. Have a nice day……..” click.

Cousin Quote of the week: “You should know-we just did a trial hike with all of our gear-18 miles in 6 hours and we are HURTING!! Oh my God, what we were thinking? Hopefully what I'm feeling right at this moment will soon disappear and be replaced by my once existing excitement about hiking 20+ miles a day.” Cousin Malora about to embark on the Pacific Crest Trail. For the next three months. Lucky/Stupid.

 I have problems focusing
o I went to yoga
 The instructor talked about an ant on the floor, her inability to focus, and the fact that she could not hold the pose she was in fact making us hold
 This was a waste of my mental time. Good for stretching. Useless for focus.

o I had a massage
 The girl talked the 62% of the time.
 I don’t need any more friends.
• Although I could replace some
 I don’t go get a massage to meet people. Please.

o I lay in bed as calm as possible
 There are sticky stars on the ceiling that shimmer and glow.
• I counted them
o Waste of time

 I watch a lot of reality TV
o You should too. I think it only takes up about 6 hours of my week
o I usually do abs and stretching while indulging, and I get to fast forward them because they are recorded!

o Here are my staples, since the biggest loser is over!
WORKOUT starring Jackie Warner. I fashioned my newest hair cut on her hair from last season. You would like it. BRAVO, Tuesdays @10pm

THE ALASKA EXPERIMENT I should have applied for this one. Although I probably would have been killed by a Beluga, my luck as it is. DISCOVERY CHANNEL (not the team, they don’t exist anymore) 10 PM Tuesday. Don’t worry, I DVR them! Way past my bed time!

TOP CHEF I really like to eat and cook. But I am convinced that ALL the food on this show would make the eater fatter than a lab rat. BRAVO Wednesday, 10pm!

SURVIVOR The headline says “Jason follows Ozzy, betrayed by a women!” Good stuff. I always wonder if the crew and Jeff Probst have to eat coconuts and grubs while filming. Doubt it! This one is on 8pm Thursday, but I don’t remember what channel!

 There are some more!! But I can’t fess up (or just won’t link for you)! Like The Hills, Rock of Love 2, the Real World

 I decided to a road race this weekend.
o Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Matt said...

Are those bullet points or boxes I'm supposed to click in? I'm confused.

JOY said...

shut up!! you even told me that its hard to do bullet points in blogger. take it back.

vanessa said...

Can't you use like microsoft word then copy and paste. Then you could have bullets.

Road racing is for people with short hair...oh wait

JOY said...

Vanessa - i had that same brilliant idea. and look how that turned out...