Wednesday, April 16

My Mom Thinks I am Fantastic

At the races this weekend my mom wore a home made t-shirt from 2000.
FRONT: Joy's Mom
BACK: Joy's Number 1 Fan

Maybe your mom will make one for you one day.

Thats right, i am going to report on a race. i think i came in 5th, but that's neither here nor there.

Here are the reasons YOU should go to the Napa Valley Dirt Classic next year:
*$35 entry fee, plus a killer t-shirt, in girl cut

*FANTASTIC job marking the course!! On one corner i counted ELEVEN (11) red arrows, two big chalk arrows on the dirt, and well, a really obvious single track trail heading that way!!(I think they make the bad PE majors mark the course. i had to clean up the course for a free entry one year. it took all week)

*FOUR (4) water stations out on course with at least 20 course marshals!! (It is a giant loop, so it could be a long day for some! At one water station, a former baskteball player of mine was handing out water. I threw it back at her. She was like, OMG, Duerk, is that you?!)

*SUCCULANT single track!! One of the FIRST ever mountain bike rides i did was on these trails. It was at night. with a Petzel head lamp. i did horrible. and continued to do horrible. if you ever want to reassure yourself that you are actually improving your mad skills, go ride a trail like that! I was able to clean everything and actually laughed out loud at the spots that i used to be TERRIFIED of!! Each section of single track reminded me of a different day, a different season, or a different group of people i was out riding with. I passed the spot where i lost all 2/3 of the skin on my arm. I gingerly rode over the spot that i lost my 3 front teeth. I looked the other way when i rode under the tree that caught my camel back and pulled me off my bike!

Most of the trails remain the same as they were back in early 2000, except for this spot. The President of the college had a house built to the left. That was the trail. Now the trail is to the right. This part sucked.

This is one of my favorite spots, it lasts about 60 feet, nice and tight through a Manzanita grove. I found myself being the roving GPS through some spots of the trail and inadvertantly yelling out that yes, you can take that line, and no you shouldn't take the right side on the first Woop-de-Woop. The girls were sad when they dropped me.

i also got to see former students of mine, some of my favorite professors and advisors from college and my basketball coaches and teammates as well. its amazing i was able to focus enough to even RIDE my bike! I was also elated to share the ride with so many fantastic racers like Maureen, Emma, Heidi, Mary Ellen and ALL the boys...
I snuck into the basketball team room, and i think i half scared the coaches and the high school seniors that were there trying out for the team. I asked them if i could Walk On, they just stared at me.

And, as planned earlier, i began spending my $178. The entry fee. The bike flying as luggage, and this little number, just in time for a weekend by the pool. And away from racing.


Matt said...

Did they have killer t-shirts in boy cut?

Christie said...

hey! those trails do look sweet. must have been great to get back to the motherland and have all those great (and injury-laden) memories!!! Funny how easy the things are now that used to be hard!! NICE bikini!!!!! I need to go to a tanning booth before i can put one of those on again :)

Anonymous said...

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