Thursday, April 10



i decided how to waste my money away. I am going to the Napa Valley Dirt Classic, in the Napa Valley. DUH. My parents live close, i grew up there, and the trails are better than Aspen. Well, maybe they are. The first bike-packing of the season had me scratching my head and wondering if this will be the year i crack my frame.

Yesterday i had a really hard day at work.

Nancy and I took 36 kids to Laguna, the Beach. We were pretty cute in are BIG glasses, and yes, that IS my favorite shirt. Paige gave it to me for Valentine's day. AWWW.

I had a HUGE lunch at Johnny Rockets - delic! Water and a Root Beer Float.

We needed to take a volleyball to the beach so the kids could recreate, so i took the closest one i could find. Come to find out, it is from another school. They are for indoor use only.

NOVA: i raced a bike in Arizona and nothing went wrong. That's my story, and i am sticking too it! I even busted out the Onesy for Short Track, where i started um LAST and ended up 33rd! You know it is funny when the 30's is a good day!! The podiums for the weekend were littered with National Champions from 4 countries, so i can not complain!

The learning curve was VERY high, and i am now three days closer to stellar fitness!!

Thanx a ton to EMMA, who is doing EXCELLENT in the expert ranks, for taking killer shots, which i have subsequently stolen from her. Nice!! i will return the favor, perhaps!!


Anonymous said...
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Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Steal my pics anytime chica! I'm psyched to see you at Napa Valley this weekend! Should be a hot one- for Nor Cal at least ;)
PS- your onesie was super hot!

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