Monday, July 23

What is this thing, called Mud??

AS i fumbled through the sloppy mountains of Vermont, all i could do was laugh. THe MOutnain Biking National Championships were held this past weekend in West Dover Vermont. I traveled with the Usual Suspects: Matt, Christie, Greg and the extended Pleiss/Miller Family.

This weekend fell perfectly inline with my therapy outline and was by far, the most fun i have had at a traveling event. I didnt win, but i smiled the whole race - maybe just in my head, or i would have gotten a lot of mud in my mouth, then i could become ill - and once again i truly enjoyed the process of suffering. I have had my bike since April: I have not crashed it. I have not gotten mud on it. As of my latest bruise count - i crashed my bike 16 times. It was also covered and clogged with sticky mud for about three days. Now that is an initiation.

This One is For Maureen: To divert myself from the self-serving antics of a blog, i am giving a shout out to Maureen Kunz. She has been hittin up the nationals and doing an awesome job. i knew she would dominate on this course because she is an all round rider who can decend and climb and have fun. Well she did. She got THREE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP JERSEYS. Cross Country; Super D; and Down Hill. Ladies, watch out. I also had a great time chattin it up with her and all the other girls in the race. Totally worth the 15 hours of travel and tribulation to get there.

As far as food goes, i eat a lot. Christies family threw down in style, home made friday dinner, brought TO us. Lunch at the campsite on saturday and a swim in the river. for once we actually SAW where we were racing, drove beyond the gates of the event into the real world that was even more fantastic than we imagined.

I am a total loser because i have not a single photo. But thats ok. maybe next week.

Tonight i rebuilt the bike, tomorrow i take it the shop. Wednesday i break it down again, heading off on my second to last voyage of the season. this time i have to fly solo, but as we all know, i can do a pretty good job of entertaining myself. maybe i will actually TAKE a book this time, so at least there is the potential for reading.


Veeze Price said...

5th place GOOD JOB. Kick butt at the next one.

Meggan said...

You are awesome! Way to go for the podium spot!

Christie said...

i have TONS OF PIX from Greg's whole fam, my fam and Greg. There are some great shots in there. If i ever get back from the east coast we will upload them!