Wednesday, July 11

Funky Friends


I met Katie in the 6th grade. We were best pals all the way through high school and have done a moderately good job of keeping in touch ever since. Katie is crazy. In high school she was a cheerleader while her boyfriend, his best friend and myself all played on the basketball team. we publicly mocked her so much that she quit, never to cheer again. There were days that we were snowed in and we would take our snowboards off the roof, or go camping in her giant yard.

She has gone on to design school in Baltimore, MD, near where we grew up, where she became a Haberdasher. A maker of hats.

Check out her WEBSITE where you can buy a hat or have one custom made, just to your liking!!

On a bit of a darker note, you can check out her other work HERE!

I put it on this page because you can see an important element to our friendship. Back in probably 2000, we got the same tattoo on the top of our left foot. She designed and along with our friend Heidi, we were all maimed for life. But in the photo on the above link, you can see the tattoo in one of her portrayals of "Dead Girls"

Katie's art and talent is amazing and i am so excited that she is now hosting auctions, websites, and gallery shows!!

NEXT TO COME: BAKING WITH BARBIE by Haley Mann, like you don't even know!!

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Katie said...

That almost made me shed a tear! But since I'm no longer a cheerleader and since you would surely mock me once again...I cannot be such a silly girl who cries.
(I was only a cheerleader cause I wanted to go to all of Phill's games AND I was cool with all the black chicks who taught me how to "step")