Wednesday, July 25

Just For Kicks

I put Iced Coffee on my cereal because there was no milk.

I detailed the jeep, then left it by a curb that gets watered daily.

I bought a stack of magazines (not smutt ones)and two books in an attempt to broaden my mind on this trip. But then i just felt bad because they cost money.

I packed 1/3 as much as i do for most trips with the realization that i usually only wear cycling clothes and three other things: a surrong; sports bras; the occasionals tank top.

I quit watching the tour de france, partly because i wont be around a tv for about three weeks, but also i am creating a small protest. you are the only ones who know though.

I will take photos at this event...i really wish i had a camera on my cell phone...i would have had a fantastic update last time!

If you check my blog out from another country, please let us know. i can't tell on that teeny tiny map exactly where you hail from so i can;t figure out who you are and why you are on my blog. that stresses me out.


Matt said...

Um, just for kicks, how about a North Carolina NMBS updated...

Christie said...

you have hits from all over the gosh darn globe! i am pleased to say i too have some int'l hits as well (only UK and France though).