Wednesday, July 18

Steppin it up

I figured that i needed to update my blog before i head out on my adventures. from the little blurb on the right, i can see more people check out this blog than i assumed, or the multiple times a day i check it out myself have been adding up. none the less, i owe the masses, or myself, a bit of trivia.

Tomorrow Matt Freeman and i head to Albany NY where we will meet up with the Pleiss Family in Vermont for the Mountain Biking National Championships. No big deal or anything. After a weekend of fun an tomfoolery, we head back to the IE. With a quick respit and time to clean the bike and the kits, i will exit to the east again, flying solo to North Carolina to race yet another National event. The day i arrive "home" i don't even repack or clean anything, maybe my hair, before i head across the rockies to Boulder CO.

I will do my best, which is actually pretty good, to keep everyone posted with results and happenings and entertained with photos and anecdotes on how you too, can take over the world.

I have been laying low in Loma Linda for the past few weeks, opting not to race the Cal State Race at Rim Nordic this past weekend. Instead, i lay on the floor, droopy eyed, watching snippets of the Tour and THINKING about riding a bike, sorta fast. Lately, i prefer the simple three speeds of the Trek Lime it shifts for you and you just pedal back to slow it down!

I did branch out with some of the gals to get a pedicure. I asked Paige and Travis which color i should select, they said yellow in the spirit of the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France and my forth coming racing endeavours. i look dead now. so if you see my pale toes, don't mock them. they could, potentially, bring me an ounce of good luck, if not just some good cheer.

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Veeze Price said...

I heard it is very very WET in Vermont right this very moment. Good luck rubber side down.