Wednesday, April 29


So there was a race, I bridged some gaps so I didn't get beat as bad as the numbers show and I had a great time and delicious dinner at Ellen's Danish Pancakes. Ya, that's right, I eat breakfast for dinner.

Quote of the weekend: From 4 year old Ryder Freeman between squirting his eyes with a water bottle to get the dust out, to his mom Denise as I came through on lap 2: "Joy doesn't look good at all. How is she going to make it to the finish?!?!"

Oh the love of children. Thanks for thinking of me champ, and us racers never look like we will make it to the finish line.

Quote of the week: And yes, I know it is only Wednesday, but she has it in the bag: "Don't take this the wrong way, but I think it would be crazy to have you as my teacher." Well thank you, and yes it would be. Pua Sawiki pre Tuesday night National Championships.

Photo of the weekend, courtesy Leslie Hart...

No I was not racing alone, it just looks like it. And yes, the dead grass is the same color, and perhaps the same texture, as my hair.

I almost forgot.
Got a bit of a plug at Training Peaks! Woohoo!

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Krista Park said...

no mention of Todd missing your feed, again? That's good stuff, you could lead with that...