Friday, May 8

I pretty much Can't stop Laughing...

This is the best problem to have.

Tuesday began my One 8 oz Cup of Coffee a day campaign. Each day I have succeeded, and had a ton more energy at the end of the day, and had a bit more *spark* weird, and a little bit liberating.

There are other things that make me laugh that are SOOOO blog worthy, yet completely un-bloggable....ah.....

I did this race in Idyllwild, where there are trees and rocks and stuff. Not the normal things we come across on Mountain bikes these days. So it was a bit techy for my newly developed apptitude for the pavement, but what a blast it was! I got to pull the sling shot for Allison and then promptly realize I had burned a few too many matches, or I had only brought the small book with me. The pin-ball effect of me descending rocky terrain is always hilarious especially when I had Shalyn in hot pursuit. I had her almost in stitches talking smack to the land, catching maaaaaad air off of rocks and roots and going all "Gnar Gnar" on the Cat 1 men!

The post race festivities landed smack in the middle of the block-o-sphere! The Mann's, Justin and Allison, were super cool and invited me to an awesome post race dinner with Dan and Stephanie, Luke and Charressa. These folks are pretty crazy and no matter how much we tried to divert the conversation from races, training, food, food for training, places to ride when are not training, we continued to fail miserably!

Carolyn back on the scene, Sarah back from killing it at Whiskey 50, Pua, Allison and myself. I think its rad to pay $45 to ride around in the woods with my friends!

More good times to come!


julene said...

I was totally the same when I went from one 8 oz cup of coffee to NOTHING! I know...totally weird! I found I was much more even through out the day (emotionally and energy wise) rather then depending on that good, black and creamy stuff to keep me going. It's all good. Keep it up:)

Vegas said...

I'm doin about 3oz every couple days. I hope to eventually get to a whole cup a day!