Tuesday, May 19

It is time, yes?

Before delving into the wonders of the Ventura County Stage Race...I am going to flip the pages back to Costa Rica! I have had to let the experience simmer for awhile, in order to fully soak it in. And let me tell you, it will remain and career and lifetime highlight for me!!

Henry and the crew from el Reto did an amazing job! They picked us up at the airport, with those placards that say your name on them...super cool! We would have been hosed! Neither Maureen nor I speak Spanish, although she tried much more valiantly than I to master the language. Most of the streets are not marked and it was super dark. The 30 minute drive would have taken me all night!

We are brilliant, so we arrived in town with a day to spare. This gave us just enough time to build the bikes, swim, spin around town, and take in the scenary. Amazing! and So beautiful!! Top picture is view from the hot tub under a "waterfall." Below was the view from the hotel deck looking out onto San Jose, coffee plantations, and volcanoes!

Justin and Amy Mace, from Tennessee, had arrived a few hours before us so were all amped out for breakfast on the porch!!

Classic Costa Rican fare! Rice, beans, toast, quesadilla....and of course AMAZING COFFEE...

24 hours into the trip and ready to spin the legs out...

That's all I got for now. It's time for a snack and some work! Stay tuned, I promise to cough up the good stuff!

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