Wednesday, April 8

Wait for it....wait for it....

Latent onset giardia that is.

We all drank the water whether we knew it or not. And we rode through cow pastures. And we have predicted that by the time the gun goes off at Sea Otter, Someone will have giardia.

But until then, we are all safe and sound and healthy!!!

it took a lot of this:
To slog through miles of this:

This is the hottest i have ever been on the bike, and in the most humid of conditions. Never mind the fog that cut visibility down to mere feet. I think my face tells it all...

It will be difficult to digest all that went down between Wednesday and Monday, and even more of a task to spit it out for the blog. But i do know that Pura Vida! Is the most genious country slogan I have ever come across and that cycling as I know it has taken on an entirely new meaning.

The trip and the experience were amazing!

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Kyia said...

I hope and pray that you do not get giardia. We bicycle toured in New Zealand and rode through sheep and cow pastures, drank water from the rivers, etc...Kris got serious giardia and camplbactor. It was not good... Glad you enjoyed Costa Rica, was thinking about your adventure, loved to hear more.