Sunday, February 1

While searching the Net for race results that probably will not be posted until next week, when i will find out I got DQ'd...i found other things

How's that for a blog post title!? Like it!

So no, I did not get Disqualified from a race, although i did get a muffled "center line warning" from a Large man on a motorcycle at the Poor Kids College race the other day. Its not my fault these chicas are more skittish than the men that crowd the Saturday ride.

Since I am coming up short on results, i am listening to my iPhone/iPod upstairs while others celebrate this Super bowl thing, wondering why the PE teacher doesn't care. I just don't want the youth of the nation to get fat. A lot of football players are in fact, fat.

Oh yes, I am also Facebooking.

I have 580 friends. It could be 581. Would you like to be 582? i deny no one.
I was asked if i actually know everyone on my list. Yes, i do. In same form or another, i know them by at least name.

Between 4th and 12th grade, i went to 8 educational institutions. (none of them court mandated, i know it looks suspicious) Thats a total of 15 extracurricular "teams" ie basketball, softball, orchestra, and band. Thats a lot of peeps. I also race bikes (if you didn't know that by now, please never read my blog again) and I talk a little bit. Ok, I talk a TON. So yes, I know everyone on my list.

Second issue i have with facebook at this precise moment are photos. My sister, who i thought was busy rearing children and working, is in fact busy copying photos from our youth and sharing them. With the world. Solid. you could have at least left out the ones where i was not at "my ideal fighting weight." People have commented that they would not have recongnized me had she not put that box around my head that lit up with my name. I pointed to the little plastic surgery issue...

What else....

I was reading a blog and i laughed out loud. But Mark, you forgot to mention Zeus, the Tap-Out boys, and Billy Idol. And in your defense, i don't think your posterior has grown. But the size of those biceps...yikes.

So yes, i did dust off my roadie shoes where i covered every...single....break. i thought it was interval work. But they were just trying to work me. Jokes on them. I got third. They got, well, not better than third.

I have some surfing to do...


Backin1980 said...

When I saw you in the free weight room I dont know If you heard me counting, but I was near 100 curls on my right arm. No tickets required the " Gun Show " is always free.

Julene said...

In my defense, sister girl, I am extremely busy but just need a bit of comic relief from time to time. Anyway, it is truly healthy to look back from hence we have come and marvel at the transformation.

Rachel said...

Yeah. This pe teacher didn't watch it either. At the moment, I am blogging and watching scrubs . Love to multitask.

Sounds like the SD collegiate race was a blast. Good for you. Racing in Dominguez Hills this weekend?