Tuesday, February 3

I am OBSESSED with FOOD!!!

And to deal with this, i started another blog!
I have been asked A LOT of questions about food lately and I have also been doing a fair amount of research and experiments in this area.

But I do not want to clog this blog with all that food stuff, so here is a taste of what you can find on Food On Bike!!

Tomorrow I will have add a Mobile Upload of a dessert Sushi roll i had last night. Devine...

But for now...
I really like food. I am consumed with finding ways to make edible and desirable food that doesn't make me squishy, that gives me the highest caloric bang for the buck, and is healthy.


That day i spent sitting in the Looney Bean Coffee shop in Mammoth, where i was supposed to be reading, but instead was double-fisting a Grande Coffee and a Grande Chai, not to mention the small coffee on the window sill i got for buying a bag of beans...I met this chap named Brian.

He told me about this!

All natural ingredients


Raw Almonds

Med Jule Dates (don't forget to take the pits out)

Put them in a food processor until they are pretty fine

Put into pie pan like you would a graham cracker crust

Chill over night

Next time, i may try baking it for 10 minutes

The Insides:

Raw cashews - soak in water AT LEAST 8 hours or MORE. Drain



Put it all into a food processor

I added a little agave nectar

Put into crust

Chill for a few hours

I put a garnish of strawberries because bananas change color!!

SUPER good!! i may try apricot in the crust next time, or silken tofu instead of cashews in the middle. Definately try it! It has a huge anti-oxidant punch!!

Its a little on the raw side, but if you are really cutting back on the sugars, this is a great option. Dates are a great option, but PRICEY! Dang!

While you eagerly await my next food post, which is already started, check out these blogs.

These folks seem to have a handle on healthy eating for athletes, with stellar recipes, ideas, and photos!

Check them out!!
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