Tuesday, February 17

Repetition is getting redundant

Although we didn't have to leave town Friday night this time, roll call came before the sun was up Saturday. We even finished the race day with our usual of Breakfast, but this time, I was able to make it at home!

Since I am following the road races like a hail storm, the activity of the day would mean a trip to the High Desert, near Big Pine past the large cactus on the left...pretty much nowhere. For the UCLA road race. Weird.

At the race one agro-racer was heard saying "why can't we race near civilization?" Mr. Freeman responded with "Well, that would mean it was a crit....pffff...."

After almost loosing my digits near Mexico, I visited the shop and bought some killer booties and gloves. AMAZING!!

The race start boasted temperatures in the 20's, snow covered cacti and ground, and a piercing blue sky. But i was warm and toasty in my new amenities and NOTHING rivaled the pain of uncontrollable shivering at BLVD the week prior. Oh, and i only had shorts on. That's right. Brilliant!! Lotion with Hot Stuff then a layer or vasaline....genious!! Plus the produce bag on the chest - it all worked!

Here's the deal. If you get to race Punchbowl or UCLA or whatever they decide to call the race, be ready to suffer. The combo of altitude and elevation gain can destroy you. Chew on this fact. The race was 9 miles shorter than BLVD. I had the EXACT...to the minute, same race time. Brutal.

Tricia had an AWESOME race! She hasn't raced since before her accident in September and has not had a lot of time in the saddle since! But she made the break, taught me a thing or two about roadie tactics, pushed and pulled me back into striking distance, and held onto her 4th place for the finish!

It came down to the same three on the break as the last three races...we just keep passing the baton around. Lisa, Abigail and me...Lisa introduced me to her husband as "the tall one i was telling you about." I did't get it until i saw this picture. But then again I did call her Polly Pocket.

On the holiday i bought some pants, but I could have been better off checking out the Tour of California In Angwin. That bad boy rolled right through my "hometown" of childhood and college. The town has one stop sign, I hope they had a CHP there. But we got wind of some footage of some boys i have known for oh, about 18 years who actually live down here now.

They did the town proud, cheering on Lance and Horner. Check it out. It will not be a waste of your time. You will have to scroll through to the 13th picture. Sorry girls, they are all taken.