Friday, October 3

PS Paige is going to Graduate...

And, she says "don't eat the donut unless you want to be a fatty-fat-fat."
Um, i don't. i guess High School worked for YOU!

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statistical findings with the donut
Addiction rate= moderate to high
Morbidity rate= Unknown
Mortality rate= High as with; coronary artery disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes mellitus high cholesterol levels, lack of ability to thrive.
Prevalence rate= moderate to high; depending on demographics
Incidence rate= moderate to high; usually during morning, and in meetings.
Depression rate= High; rapid onset, usually found after consumption
Suicide rate= Unknown
Consumption rate= moderate; up to three are common in one sitting
Overdose rate= Unknown; individual basis, Half a dozen have shown Hyperactivity and hyperglycemia (DKA) diabeticketoacidoses and depression as with suicidal ideations
Biotransformation rate= Slow; when metabolized found most commonly in gluteus, thighs , and abdominal cavity
Bioavailability rate= High; residual effects of donut are seen to last up to several months, very long half life.
Affinity rate= Very High; peeps seem to be overly aggressive and attracted to individual donuts example (chocolate, powdered, jelly filled, Carmel, glazed and many others.
Side effects= symptomatic basis differs from subject to subject.
Withdrawl rate= moderate to high; headache and parasympathetic affects, as above.

The pure food and drug act of 1906 was obviously not aware of the donut. The donut could be considered a addictive product that has led to the demise of many American people. Thus, understanding these implications can and will improve the life of many. If you or a loved one suffers from ADD (addictive donut disorder) your prognoses looks poor! Looking for a cure? Look no farther… 8-16 Hrs a week on either road or mountain bike is recommended.
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