Saturday, October 18

I almost turned around...

I am in the midst of creating a photo essay of what one does when they are told to stay off the bike for two weeks due to the conclusion of a season. In the mean time, i went for a bike ride.

Not my usual 3-5 hour Saturday ride, it lasted 45 minutes. MTB on the road, which will be discussed in a later post. But one thing stood out that i just had to yack about.

I was heading home, down Fern, to the spot i fell off my road bike - not to be confused with crashing, (only Matt and Shelli know where that is...) when i saw three road cyclists convened on the side of the road. i always slow when i see this, because in rare occasions i can actually lend a hand.

There was one girl in the mix and she was getting CHEWED OUT by one of the guys. She looked like she was going to cry, I was close enough to see her lip quivering. He was yammering about pedal now, pedal then, hold that line...whatev. It was very apparent that she was not a seasoned cyclist, and i just felt so bad. As i slowly rode by i said "just ride your bike girl" and gave the guy one of my nasty looks (8th grade PE is thinks this is my every day face) and hoped my message would stick.

Who knows if it will. But i wanted to go back and ride with the guys and send out attack after attack and make them suffer. BE NICE!!!! If you want your lady friends to support your habit, at least show them a fun time on the bike. If you want them to join you again, BE NICE!!!!

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