Thursday, June 12

Sometimes, i work through the night

So last night i went to the most unhappy place on earth (disney) with 44 High School seniors, who graduated sunday, so now i look at them as the new Freshman Pleebs. 80% of them will get their butt kicked in college.

Although i have a HUGE laundry list of the funny, inappropriate, and horrid things i saw between the hours of 11pm and 6am in Disneyland, i will just share my favorites. In no specific order or greatness.

1.) While using the girl's room, the cleaning lady was talking to one of the girls (that was weird in and of itself) "Good thing ya'll came today. I heard Comptons coming tomorrow.

2.) While using the girl's room, the cleaning lady was talking to one of the girls (that was weird in and of itself) "ya'll better not puke in my bathroom tonight."

3.) While trying to exit the Matterhorn ride i had to say over and over again: "Excuse me while you make out, but may i get through?"

4.) We had a long walk of shame to the entrance. A sponsor from another school reeked of alcohol and she was sharing a flask with her students.

5.) The haunted house wasn't scary at all. But it did stop halfway through and turn the lights on. One smarty pants yelled "I see strings, i see strings!!!"

6.) At precisely 3am i was drinking coffee and eating a giant cookie.

7.) The Safari ride thing was not funny at all.

8.) My kids were so out of it, i was able to successfully walk 7" behind them for roughly 10 minutes without them knowing i was there, thus hearing everything they said. Or did not say.

9.) I went to Staters to buy some food to refuel. the bagger and the checker didn't even talk to me. And the bagger neglected to inquire whether or not i wanted plastic or paper. I started to listen to their conversation. They were talking smack about his girlfriend. The last thing the checker said before i walked away was "well you can't break up with her. She has to break up with you since she is pregnant." I am glad he has a job to support his family.

That's all i can remember....


Dustin said...

3. hahaha, were you saying that to people from our school?
4. wow, that's pretty sad
9. again, wow. that's really sad

Backin1980 said...

Yes,the Jungle cruise has seen a reduction in new jokes since my departure. If I ever make it thru a tuesday night ride without flatting I will recite my "spiel".

Sample: Up ahead on the left are 3 toucans , anybody onboard know what 3 toucans make.....A six pack.

PS Dustin stay in school

Matt said...

Yes Dustin, stay in school. You don't want to become a PE teacher or a government worker.

Matt said...

Sometimes people update their blogs.