Sunday, June 22

Do Work

I have seen this moto on some t-shirts. I like it.

I have been chastised for being so lame about my blog. i dont care.

Two weeks ago, i did my 2nd road race of the year. Pescadero Classic way up by San Jose.

Here are some stats:

around 70+ women in the starting group of Cat 3/4 and masters
7 hour drive there and back
47 miles of racing
I was in at least 5 chase groups, all of which ended with this phrase spoken by a true roadie: "Let's sit up." WHAT!!! are you mad! They are like 30 seconds up! Those gals we have dropped 4 times are a minute back. What's the problem!

Since i am a bull headed MTB racer, i pulled, 40 women, for a really long time.
I ended up 15th
We were shivering, uncontrollably, at the start line socked-in with fog. Its been a long time since i experienced that one.

At the start, the head marshal told us the rules, blah blah blah. She said we could not work with dropped Cat 5 men. And they could not work with us. Then some lonely racer piped up "What if they are hot?" the answer was to exchange contact info along side them then be on your way. Then from the back, another more well -learned girl states "Why would you want to hook up with a dropped Cat 5?" everyone laughed. A lot. Sorry boys. Keep doing work, and you can be a dropped Cat 4.

Road racing, well, maybe next year. AS for now, i am too busy riding my bike. I think i am too dumb for it anyways. Way too much thinking.

Another form of work took place in an un-air conditioned gym 3 miles from my house, working at a basketball camp for kids 9-15 years old. We had 73 of them. The weather hovered above 100 each day.

Quote of the camp: "Can i guard the brown boy?" um, no. We don't say that.

I did get ice cream every day and a nice check that will get me to the east coast to race my bike. My mountain bike that is.


Christie said...

i have a Do Work shirt! I should get you one. The motto was coined by Christopher "Big Black" Boynkin from Rob & BIg!

Matt said...

Thank you for updating your blog. Your next update is scheduled for Wednesday, July 2.

Adam said...

When I was growing up I always played with the brown boys. Hell, often times I was the only white boy!!!

Anonymous said...

shame on you for not calling me when you were up here in San Jose!!!