Thursday, June 5

Some things have been going down

If you need a new outfit or two, stop by my school. This is our collection of lost and found items. Although i personally have lost many items this year, i did not find any of them here. It has probably already been sold on ebay.

This is from the first 6 minutes of the Firestone National MTB race. Check out the level of dirt already caked on our skin! And that haze of dust NEVER left...

It was so hot, i wanted to de-kit and Patti took her gloves off. And this was still lap one.

At last weeks Cal State race i ended up on the podium and i just think it is funny that although i am rarely on the top block any more, i am still just as big as the girl 5 inches higher than I.

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Christie said...

too funny, that one picture has you, kerlin and then me..