Wednesday, June 25

I am way more logical than most people think

I get to fly to SLC tomorrow for a little mountain bike event. I am flying the reputable DELTA Airlines which sees a bicycle in a box, as well, something extremely heavy and cumbersome, charging $150 each way to transport my toy.

So i drove it to Fullerton instead. 50 miles in the car. One hour, gridlock style, drive time. I met Vanessa in a pseudo-vacant parking lot to exchange the goods. The drop off was clean and we even headed out for a ride! the ride lasted longer than the ride out there, thus negating the hour of drive time back home.

Vanessa approaching something, we never quite figured out what it was

i am afraid of man-made obsticles. This one was no different than any other

It was fun, urban riding and i even took two pictures! but duh, my cord is at work! So now the bikes are tucked away, awaiting their departure tomorrow morning. i feel a bit funny, like i sent my kid with the neighbors the long route to vacation. I hope they remember to feed him.

Racing in Park City is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. One of my favorite events is riding the bike path through the rolling hills and tall grasses back to the condos. Or eating family style with the 9 people we cram into our weekend house, which is a close second to the twisty and clean single track.

This is the first time I will race this event not living at altitude, so i wonder if that will bother me? This is also my first time racing it as a pro, i don't think that will bother me though. I know what to expect.

One weekend closer to fitness, coming up!!

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Christie said...

good luck and kick butt! go to wild oats for me, ok? i will miss you guys! i want a FULL REPORT!