Saturday, February 23

Recovery. Pfff.

Had my first Pro Mountain Bike race today! Had an excellent cool down, pizza and a soda, sat in the UN-hot hot tub for some cold therapy and should have called it a day.

But duty called, to a fundraiser Basketball game at work. Students vs. Faculty.

12 minute quarters. Freshman first quarter, working our way up to the seniors. Now we were allowed to have spouses play, and some of the ladies have married well, so they brought their Athlete Ringer husbands. But we had to have a girl on the court at all times. there were 4 of us lady folk, so i had to play.

Yup. thats me in the red shorts. We are playing the Seniors here, and they have no mercy. I am their class sponsor, and Friday we set sail on a Cruise Ship for Ensenada.

Unlike the English Teacher to on the right, i am NOT wearing white compression shorts. Thats my tan.

I have no idea where the ball was. It must have just been there.

That boy hurlding me, well, his giant knee brace tagged my melon and he stepped on my arm. Thats right, i have treads on my bicep.

its Midnight, my dad used to tell me nothing good happened past 10 pm, so i best be goin' to bed!

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Veeze Price said...

I knew you were holding back. Saving your energy for B-Ball, I remember those days ;-)