Thursday, February 14

Balla' shot calla'

We all have our secrets

You are probably wondering what mine are. How much time do you have?

A. i eat a TON of candy
1. Anything Reese's
2. Anything sour
3. Anything sugary
4. Just like Elf, the main food groups - Sugar, candy corns....

B. I play(ed) basketball
1. I played in college, thats right. 4 years, NAIA Div II, sorta like NCAA Div II
2. I haven't really played in like, um, 4 years
3. i coached high school, but retired
4. Now i coach Jr High. i am losing my voice.

C. I look like Teen Wolf...

So on this basketball tangent. I joined an all-girls league. Nothing weird. I seem like an old hag on the team, im 28, they are like 20. But i can run hot laps around them cardio-wise. But what i have in cardio, i surely lack in talent. I keep trying to call "glass" or get an "and-1", but no dice. I do get the ball in the hole, don't get me wrong, im just not as proficient as i used to be.

They look at me weird sometimes, because i have a lot of energy. Also, my mouth runs constantly. The team we played tonight, my cousin Melissa is on it. I said terrible things to her, smacked her hiney, and got away with it. Im older than her.

Last week the other team boasted TWO of my previous teammates! Nasty things were said like "WHy do you have the ball, you cant dribble." And "You couldnt make that shot when you actually played ball, why try now." and the basics like "i am faster than you, you chump." Or "don't touch me *X@(#&!"

Next week we are playing an old college roommate of mine. She barely cracks 5 feet. i am going to guard her the whole time and talk about horrible college and high school mishaps. All hers of course.

i also either have to wear cycling shorts, which i have opted out of, my PE teaching shorts which i could wear while directing the Disney Safari Ride, or my practice shorts from college. They are XXL. Because we were Ballas', we wore them big. Plus, i was big(er).

They made fun of my tan lines.


One girl told me my hair looked like Teen Wolf. I put a lot of product in it. I run real fast. I sweet a lot. It sticks out.

Check it.

Now that i see it, i just don't "see" it. i know i am due a brow wax, but come on.

I thought it looked more like this:


Backin1980 said...

In that shot of you playing Hoops at the Gym. I think I can see Matt Freeman # 55 in the background wearing his "SNEAKERS" ?

Christie said...

teen wolf? I don't even think those 20 year old girls would be old enough to remember teen wolf!

sounds like some serious girl drama! would be fun to watch, or have a mic attached to you to capture the dialog in real-time.

JOY said...

"Backin1980", or shall i just say "WhenIwasOne" Mr. Freeman was quite upset i used his picture without permission. Especially since it was such a great shot.

CP - don't get me wrong, this is us having FUN!! We all actually really like each other and laugh all the way to the basket.

Backin1980 said...

Question, After the Spin class does everyone head over to IHOP or do you get some discount on Breakfast buritto's @ Jose ole. This is a follow up question to the sneakers. Oh, and just to confirm . It's 5:45 PM and we should dress up in costume from the Coloniol period.

JOY said...

that would be A.M. we also prefer the chimichangas and mexi-melts to the burritos. or you could just pound a slim fast.

Vegas said...


Since you're so old do you got the shakes like Michael J. Fox, too, or just the hair? ;)