Thursday, February 28

Going for a stupid boat ride

I will be busy for a few days. i wont be answering the phone, emailing anyone, checking anyones blog or even communicating with family to see if Sister Julene's little girl is born - she's is due like last week or something.

I am chaperoning, that's right, the senior class and a ton of their parents on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.

My goals, in no specific order of importance:
1. Make sure the parents stay in line and on task
2. Step AWAY from the buffet
3. Attempt to stay awake for the 1-2am curfews
4. At least walk by the gym. i heard they have really nice spin bikes. i packed my shoes and shorts. pffff.
5. work on my tan. it is Mexico you know...
6. Stay in my room as much as possible. i think i might get sick.

Other than that my weekend looks pretty bland. Your's will probably be way more exciting...

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Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Have fun in the sun Joy! Get some rest and work on that tan :)