Tuesday, February 26

If I Could Master the Round House Kick...

Some people would get my foot up-side their head about right now

A few, but of course not limited to, individuals that need a swift kick in the jaw will remain un-named, yet their short comings will be sighted.

At a recent JR. HIGH girl's basketball tournament, we lost by ONE point. A coach from another team came up to me and said "Way to let that one slip by coach." And bam, in my head, heal to the jaw.

Number two happened approximately the next day. At the same tournament. We lost. 40-7. What! They got a great cardio blast. The opposing coach, while thoughtfully shaking my hand said "Don't worry coach, you have the rest of the season."

Pff. I have the rest of the season to watch Jackie Chan movies and perfect my moves.

1 comment:

Christie said...

round house kicks are fantastic! not that i can do them, but i can do that thing where you jump up and *click* your heels. my sister lydia could prob do a round house back in her serious dancing and gymnastics days.

we need to find someone who can do it!