Sunday, March 25

Spring Break, BABY!!!

I never really DID spring break in college, but this year, i am going to live it up! The number one, top of the list perk of being a teacher is ALL THE HOLIDAYS!! With graduate projects turned in and the office door locked, let the good times roll.

HIGH LIGHT OF THE WEEKEND: ERIC DAVIS!!!! nOw this is a myspace site, which i am totally anti!! BUT, Christie and i went to the end of the Redlands Classic on Sunday just in time for the start of the Handcycle race. YOu guys have GOT to check out Redlands Classic Gallery for criterium photos, Eric is the girl with the yellow bike, blond hair.

I was SOOOO stoked to walk to the line and hear her name called. She was a year behind me in undergraduate school, a PE major like me. Since then, she has become paralyzed from the waist down, her myspace explains more. It was awe-inspiring to watch her fly around the course, by only the strength of her upper body!

This VERY small picture is of Tyler Blackwelder (l) and Willie Stewart. Tyler and i go way back to working at summer camp in northern Idaho, then playing basketball for the same college. He coordinated getting the Handcycles into the RBC, and Willie heads up a foundation called Team PossAbilities - awesome, check it out

These are the Handcycle guys out on the grueling time trial course!!

Emily Van Meter, pro mountain biker and New recruit to Bear Naked Cannondale, tackling the Time Trial at the Redlands Bicycle Classic. I love it when people i know are racing, and she did awesome! 33rd General Classification when it was all over, not bad for an event that began with 117 top pro road women in the country!!

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:.....tHE Mountain biking season began today in San Dimas, CA for myself and the rest of the local racing crowd. The prerace jitters were exceptionally high for everyone. There were many wild cards entering the scene, and speculations of covert training ops by more than a few.

Things ended up going pretty well. This event was a break through event personally, which just proves that getting actual sleep, eating well, and training in a cohesive manner, really does pay off! The conditions were perfect with hard packed trails even though the sun was beating down quite severly through the layer of smog.

It was awesome to see everyone again, it always feels like a high school reunion. Carolyn was even back from the east coast and the new upgrades to expert, Vanessa and Stacey did an awesome job. The pace of starting with the pros is shocking every time! Such a different ball game.

Thursday, it is off to the Phoenix area for a bit of national racing! Yehaw!

freak on a leash: Jason enjoying his time as i was out tearin up the dirt!

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Christie said...

What Joy did not mention is that she has officially entered "the next level"... meaning, beating pros!

Awesome job, very cool to see!