Wednesday, March 14

Chaos, Joy Style

sO, I work at this school and we had a talent show on Saturday night. The theme was the 60's and well us teachers all had to do an act. Now i got ASSIGNED.......did not choose, never would have, Puff the Magic Dragon to perform with Dozer. Lets just say he did NOT want to wear wings, but he did wear the horns, although he was moving so quickly, nobody really got a good shot of him.

The Plan: To minimize pets exposure to the masses, i skipped out Little Red Riding Hood style with a basket of flowers. I held up a sign that said "Have you Seen my Dragon?" and looked out into the crowd. Then i had two girls run behind me screaming and flaling their arms, running from, the Dragon. Then Jason let Dozer go, and he was supposed to come to me. This is when the plan went south. He ran everywhere. The guy with the spot light followed my chase around the gym as we finally ended on the cat walk, where he would perform NONE of the tricks we had practiced. We quickly made an exit through the nearest door.

But come on, Dragons arent supposed to do what they are told. And i dont think Puff was a good Dragon, at all.
And yes, tht is my outfit!


grifsmum said...

woo hoo! go joy!!!! ha ha ha! Gotta love your stories!

Laura said...

Joy you are a hottie! Look at those beautiful, sculpted calves! I should ride a bike. lol.