Friday, March 16

Big, Squishy, Liars

The weather guys, that is. They said this weekend would be cool, high seventies max. Today clocked a high of 98 on the 10 freeway, not a good way to start a stage race.

San Dimas Stage Race: The fact that the word stage is used, means i have to go back, and then go back again. This particular event is on the road, which could quickly become a four letter word.

TT: That means Time Trial for you non-bikers. It is over, not as fast as i hoped, not as slow as it could have been. 30/47 which means i am still alive and can fight another day.

Tomorrow is a road race which should be quite the cardio fest, followed by a crit on sunday. The only thing that scares me is that the crit is sponsored by a hospital. Go figure.

I just keeping thinking that my actual season has not even begun yet, so just chill.

Bike Fit: Yesterday i got my bikes fit, which created this huge question mark in my mind for what could have actually happened last season. A lot of things were fixed and many more were braught to my attention to fix on my own. Unfortunately, due to poor timing, this took place yesterday, filling my head with way too much information today and forcing me to ride in a position i have never felt before. Better now than later i guess.

The Team Redlands boys in the form of Trevor, Matt, Jeremy and then guys i dont know, are also doing the event, so i can at least see a few familiar faces as i traverse the roads between the starting line and the finish flop on the ground. I must say, this road scene is pretty crazy and very, extremely, emensley different from that of the mountain bike world. I will hold my head high with my mountain helmet, mountain shoes covered with dirt and speckled with my last nose bleed and home that nobody notices my down hilling gloves. Actually, it is too hot to wear those, but i can only find one of my "I look like a roadie gloves" so now the hunt is on!

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