Sunday, March 18

Comedy of Errors

I think i read that book in high school, or at least the ClifNotes.

Sometimes things just aren't meant to be. Nothing huge goes down, nothing horrific derails the plans, it is just a steady stream of small pebbles that collect, and knock you gently off your path. If you look at them one by one they are omens or nuggets of direction, you choice to pick them up.

Ok, so i left my helmet at home on day two for the stage race, thus not racing and getting bumped out of the event.

The whole thing ended up for the best i feel, now focusing on the start of the REAL season at Bonelli park next weekend for Cal State Mountain Bike race #1!

New Rule: When riding the Postal Loop or anything in Angeles Oaks that can be accessed via Lock Leven, i must ride from the house. This is 3 mile one way, 10 minutes to get to the trail head, 30-40 minutes to get back, depending on how extreme the center action was.

Dinner: Hay bales and green sticks. Actually, Shredded Wheat Cereal and grilled asparagus. yum.

BBQ; We have been cleaning the yard! The summer kitchen is looking better and better and with the warmer temps, HUGE options of dinner on the patio!!

CLimbing: Many people ask me what Jason does when i am out training, racing, or driving around to the two affor mentioned activites. From time to time he will join me on a ride. But, he has found that Frustration Creek (and no that is not the name of a ride with me) is a 5 minute drive from our house with some "epic" climbing. These photos were taken yesterday with his friend Jason. Looks too high for me! Plus, i wouldnt want to hurt my delicate hands.

The PETS: Photo #1 Timbers first week at home.

Photo #2 Yesterday, under the table. He has a lot more growing to do too!


Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Hey Joy! I just discovered your blog and I love it! I don't know if you remeber me from the few expert races I was able to make it to last year racing for content works, but it's good to see more female cyclists in the blogging world. I'll be racing for a new team this season (Team Lost Coast Brewery) and I hope to see you at some upcoming CA races!
-Emma Worldpeace
PS- Cute doggies!

Joy said...

Hey Emma
i put a comment on your blog, so check that out! Will you be racing Bonelli Park this weekend? Way to go all old school and create your own team! Good job! HOpe it all works out!
JOy and the Pets