Wednesday, March 3

I know what I need. I know what I want. I want to go Kamikazi Biking!

This youtube was sent to me by Jake, the owner of St.Helena Cyclery, where I worked as one of my first jobs post college. Totally hilarious! Makes me laugh for so many reasons!

So back to local crit news, Team Redlands was out in droves. It must have been the warm sunny weather and the fact that it is not April yet, but whatever the case, great to see the dudes. And Mark Foist, first race post pelvis fracture last year.

Dez and I jumped into the 40+ mens race, which turned into your regular Saturday ride, buffered with random Citrus Valley Dudes (they all look alike, sorry guys), Dez, me, Mark Love and Foist riding in circles together. At least I felt safe(r).

So I was lucky enough to stay up until 11pm Saturday night, playing basketball in the Student/Faculty game where I only got dunked on once, ran over twice, and twinged only one muscle in my back. Awesome. Our 1/2/3 elite womens crit was "Super-Sick" as Destry would say. I snuck into the 6-girl break and eeked out the sprint for a win. I behaved myself and rode as smart as I could, thinking, "what would Brian do?" (He was absent racing at Callville, oddly, my two wins since like June he has elsewhere...suspect) I did however have to REALLY focus and NOT just rail the giant puddles on the course...that would have been FUN and frowned upon.

The most exciting part was having so many supporters out around entire course! Our community is stellar and having cheerleaders from Citrus, Redlands, and PossAbilities was cool. Its always nice to know other people are vested in our success and the process we are going through!Back to the grind and feeling just about like this. Here's to another sunny Sunday on dry roads! I wonder if I should cut my sleeves and run the Bam-Bam look when the new kits come in...

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