Monday, June 8

What's the obsession?

For some reason, people are obsessed with my hair! I know, its short, odd colors and just plain weird! But serious, I am perplexed at how shocked people are with my hair, and in some cases, how taken back they are by it. Here you have it, how the hair ranks today. Katrina, Kendra and I rockin' out at senior graduation!

Here are some of the most recent comparissons. All of which i find completely hilarious and borderline insane.

Fantastic!! Syndrome from the Incredibles!! Although I do not feel that my jaw-line matches his, nor my belly fat, but the style is epic.

PINK, must be angry at Mr. Hart...this one the kids at school drop more frequently, because they are wrapped up in that pop-culture crap.

A Hershey's kiss...not sure who came up this one, but I will roll with it!!
MIssy Giove: 1994 World Champion Downhill racer...I will TAKE IT!! Only the few and the proud have dropped this name. Missy was/is one of my FAVORITE cyclists EVER, a hero of sorts, and one whose example and Will for the Wacky I always admired! Rock on!! This chick OWNED her style, her name, and promoted it to the full for the good of the sport. A complete self-starter and do-er. Rad.

Jackie Warner. Another common reference, Jackie is big in the fitness industry, and last year, reality TV. She is pretty BA, but a bit too caught up in the Hollywood scene for my liking. Although she does sport quite the solid sixpack, I would much rather welcome a Giove comparision than a Warner one.

Hair grows back my friends, it ain't nothin' but a thing. What "inspired" me to change my hair? Bordom with the norm frankly, and my bi-daily showers and extremely active lifestyle left my long thick hair unkempt.
That's my story. And I am sticking to it.


Pedal Circles said...

I dig your hair. Wish I could pull it off. All cool comparisons, btw :)

Julene said...

You rock it, Joy! I would love to have your look:) All the haters need to recognise!!!!

Tricia said...

What about the Fred inspiration??? I think your hair is awesome. Totally fits the personality, which is even better! You are rad, girl!

steve-o said...

and yet, no love for the person responsible for the most recent incarnation. For shame. Wait 'til i get ahold of that mop on friday.

Paige Johnson said...

.. mayeb that lesbo called you fierce because she saw this post..?

Richard said...

I'd like to add Marla Streb to the list, but do think the Missy Giove is a closer match. :)