Monday, June 1

Don't question it, just roll with it!

I started this whole cycling madness on a Mountain Bike, and each time I take that bad-boy out on the trails, I remember WHY!! I can't think of any other way to achieve so much fun!

The last couple of weeks have been Chaos - which i completely embrace - but it has not left me a lot of time or mental capacity to put into racing. I have had the "privalage" of attending awards banquets, fundraisers, beach outings, or school parties every...single...night since last Tuesday. Saturday I cracked and agreed to go wake boarding...SWEEEEEET.....oddly, this is NOT part of my pre-race rituals!

Side note: I haven't attempted wake boarding since the summer of '98 on Hayden Lake in Idaho. Cousin Kiff kept telling me, just sit on it like your a frog on a lilly pad. Come again? I never got up. This time, Brian and Nich kept asking if i wanted to a try and i pulled all the "no' answers i could find, which was like 3, then cracked and went for it! Totally fun!!!

Rolling up to Big Bear I was sore, fatigued, and tired. But happy...dang that goes a long ways! The usual FAST suspects showed up as we began our 24 mile quest through fire roads, forests and single track.

Somehow, from somewhere, I tapped a secret store of "I can do it!!" and started the race with the hole shot and was able to complete it with the win.

Racing and riding with these girls is so much fun! Too bad Heather had to leave, otherwise she would be in here too! Allison Mann, Carolyn Popovic, me, and Sarah Kaufman. Pretty much a who's-who of SoCal womens racing! It is always such a blast to catch up with all the racers!
Sarah is about to move to Ogden super stoked that Carolyn is back and fighting on the bike!!
Besides the National Podium in Vermont, this is hands down the coolest blocks i have gotten to stand on!

We got to do the long course, which eventually popped back onto the short course, where we were encircled by lower category riders. You probably couldn't PAY me to ignore them as we rode side by side or as i passed. One guy was like, hey, your the cheerleader. NOpe, I just teach PE and can't NOT talk.
Complete highlight of the day:
Climbing up, I am passing a ton of kids. Some pushing their bikes, some riding. I come up to one kid who is so small, their XXS cycling shorts look like baggies. They have a curly blonde/brown fro spilling out from under their helmet.
I say: "Way to go man, your doing awesome"
She replies: "I'm a GIRL."
I couldn't help but laugh, and tell her ROCK ON SISTA!!! I get that ALL THE TIME!! (My favorite - "way to ride it out BRO")
I found her post race, medal around the neck and slapped her a high five! She is 10 years old and all bummed out because she can't seem to win. She keeps getting beat by a 14 year old. Puhleeze!! That 14 year old should watch out!! Little Brawlers!!! LOVE IT!!!!


Luke said...

great job...wish i coulda been there to see it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad you found my blog!!!
We need to ride together sometime okay?

You did an amazing job in Big Bear Joy!!

Good luck with your road racing, you roadie!!

ummm...drops? what are those? ha!ha!

Kyia said...

Sweet! Great job..."you da lady"!! I actually miss racing there, Big Bear is a cool little town.

Vu said...

Congrats with the win Joy. Way to represent Fisher.