Friday, June 19

Aw Shucks

Just when I feel all comfortable saying that Missy Giove is one of my heros, she has to go and get busted with a truck-laod, literally, of Pot in her truck as well as a ton of cash in her house and well is now staring down the barrel of 5-40 in the clink.

She still is one of the raddest chicks ever on a bike. I won't take that back.


Pedal Circles said...

I LOVE the new header shot!

Kyia said...

Your HOT! :)

Giovie's got some problemo's!

rushman said...

Veeeerrry nice pic.

Scott said...

Cool Pic... looks like you are ready throw someone a beatin'.

JOY said...

HAHA! Thanks. Don't worry Scott, nobody will get a beatin' today. We had to take this one a billion times because I cant keep a straight face to save my life!

Pics compliments of Stephen Wormser!