Monday, January 19


The following is copied from a recent stream on Facebook with Matt Hickman, who at one point played basketball at the same college i did. I got added to some mailing list that included this "event" TdA (which i still don't know what it stands for) ANYWAYS...they were tossing the gauntlet around, and mind you, i have no idea who the rest of "THEY" are. But i just pipped in and asked for time and is the response...

"The TdA is a little event that we have done for two years. It is a race but not a race. Think of it like a club championship. We are talking about two days and 4 rides. There are locations where you can earn sprint or mountain points as well as points at the finish line. The ride is recreational in nature and we wait for people at some areas but where the points are is where the competition kicks in. Most points at the end of the weekend wins the title. There are rules like all CAT 1/PRO riders have to ride a Huffy mtn bike w/ a rusty chain and no tires. Do you still think you can win? Oh and it is in Hagerstown, MD."


Matt Hickman said...

Come on out and see what you can do. The Huffy has been sitting outside in the snow for a couple years getting ready for you!! The chain is almost at its rusting peak.
By the way, this is a road ride. Forget the dirt, thats for girls! j/k.
The blog is pretty cool. I check it from time to time. Its an honor to be mentioned.
Be safe and good luck this year.


Sappyman said...

I would gladly have you come join us if you are interested. I am the current and two-time Champion of Tour de Aetna. Most of the rest have no gas!!! Hence the repeat. :) TDA is a way that we can challenge each other to stay in shape without having to have the major out of pocket expense, travel commitments, or risk.

3-time champ

JOY said...

Dear Matt and the Champ,
I applaud your committment to excellence in the freezing cold and frozen turf. Although i would have to say i believe the risk is the same, if not more, than one i encounter at a higher monitary cost. I basically do it for the traveling too, what better way to get away from life!!

Anyways, keep me posted on who gets that yellow jersey this year. A youtube clip or too would be great!