Monday, January 5

Stranger things have happened...

Weddings. Ugh....

DO NOT WORRY. IT WAS NOT MY WEDDING. Sorry to yell, but i just had to put that out there.

Those of you who know me well are probably laughing pretty hard right now. i am pretty much the last person you would want to be your "assistant" on wedding day. Well, i am always good for laughs and good cheer, but that's about it.

There were make up requests, and i offered my high-end stash of Burts Bees products!

Here's the short of it. Andre and JoAnna came down from Canada to build the church. They love each other, wanted to get married and realized that we had created this awesome little building out of love, so why not start their lives there? Plus they had free access to like 8 flower girls, reception hall, horse and buggy to take them back, and a delicious meal of beans and rice with all the fixings.

How did i get involved? Slim pickings? or maybe because i am such a hot comodity...or not. But JoAnna asked me if i would stand up for her. She said she didn't know if i was jaded against marriage, i said no way, just against mean men!!!

So, i had to find some clothes!!!

My friend Christina who actually sang in the wedding, did all the flowers, and coordinated it, also loaned me her little black dress. we are quite different in size and shape, but it fit like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (sorry, i watched it on the plane)

I also had to hunt down a "normal" bra, sports bras just don't cut it. But my Keen flops sure did!!
JoAnna and I in the "dressing room"

The happy couple with their homemade wedding cake

I have been in a handful of weddings. Art is HANDSDOWN....the BEST best man or groomsman for that matter, that i have had the pleasure of walking out with....He was incharge of the building project!

This last one is strickly for comic relief. We had to walk back to our "compound" carrying various things from the wedding. On the left is Miguel, our foreman from the job. I believe he is from Nicaragua and definately does not speak English.
On the jobsite i well, did not fix my hair and did not wear nice clothes. So he told me in Spanish, which i understood, that i looked very pretty. I told him in Spanish "Your Welcome" you can see by the hand on his face what he thought of that.
I meant to say THANK YOU!!! So simple, yet so complex these language barriers!!!

It was a complete honor to be involved though, they are wonderful people and will always be great friends.
Who knows, i may have to plan a trip to BC in the near future....


Laura said...

You don't give yourself enough credit! You were an immense help to me when I was planning my wedding!

I can't believe how much like a young, lithe Brenda you look like. :)

Christie said...

this is my favorite story from your trip so far! love it! and hello... I agree with Laura, you would be an excellent wedding assistant, bridesmaid, maid of honor! had i known you sooner before my wedding, heck you prob would have been right in there!

JOY said...

maybe i should start a side buisness, make some cash for my new traveling habit...