Friday, January 23

Rumor Patrol

True and False. Its a really fun game.

In the near past, i have had a plethora of "odd" questions, remarks or statements regarding me and my "personal" life. Although some are not suited for this forum, others are! So here is the most recent rundown:

  • Joy never works: FALSE i have 196 contract days some of which last well over 12 hours, 180 teacher-student days. I punch the time clock alright. And if i am not, i am not getting paid. do the math. its not my fault you chose children and a high paying job...

  • Joy stopped racing: FALSE. far from it!! I just may be racing different bikes, different venues, and different countries, its no big thing.

  • Joy resurrected her social life: TRUE. i wrote on my "TO DO LIST" "hang out with people" and i do everything on my list.

  • Joy is European: FALSE. Although my ancestors are, I claim the US of A as my turf.

  • Joy is going to Mammoth to Snowboard this weekend: True and False. Yes - going to Mammoth. False on the activity. I am riding my MTB (either inside or out) and being the Chef for the weekend. Dont knock it until you try my food...and then you will be hooked.
  • Joy was married at one time: TRUE. Come on, do some research.
  • If not a cyclist, Joy would be into body building/figure competitions: Probably True
  • Joy lives out of her car: FALSE. I live out of my host home ; )
  • Fun has been known to follow Joy: TRUE
  • Joy will always ride a Specialized: FALSE!!!!! Cleaning out the inventory!!

If there is anything else that actually "matters" that you would like me to clear up for you, please let me know! Otherwise, have a fantastic weekend!


Julene said...

Joy has a super cool older sister: TRUE
Joy used to beat up her super cool older sister: TRUE (and julene has scars as proof)
Joy has a wicked sense of humor: True

Rachel said...

Have a great weekend.

Yes, getting paid to play with kids is great.