Thursday, November 27

It's a holiday, I might as well post a blog...

Other people raced some cross races. I have quit. Although my final race was atrocious, Larry Longo had this to say: "It's not how you finish Joy, it's whether or not you can race and pull off wearing a white kit, and you DID." Thank you Larry, i feel so much better.

I rode, leisurly, by Christie's house to bid Matt, Christie, and Sarah farewell. They looked pretty stoked about it. Way to keep up the faith guys.
Then i completed my teacherly duties. I went to a convention in Long Beach. With a bunch of teachers. This is what happens at the Hyatt when the keynote speaker rolls the ball out to a gaggle of PE teachers. Classic.

I walked 2 hours on monday, all fast - like my mom - and got blisters. i threw my shoes away. And no, i had no desire to pick up the pace and run.
Quote of the day - while i was in the restaraunt restroom with 3 other teachers from my school.
Me: "This is the first adult convention i have been to." (i was just feeling all mature, like i have finally arrived in my career. They took it differently...)

I also had a run in with my razor and had Nancy call room service for a bandaid.

Today we rode our bikes. Don't be suprised, it happens. I rode my bike yesterday as well, and that is the plan for Friday too. we are not afraid of the clouds...

Tricia and i hit the pavement yesterday on our road bikes, it was her first ride since her crash before Labor Day and she did fantastic!!! we were dodging the clouds and rain storm the whole time. Somehow we managed 2 hours with out a drop, although once i closed the garage, the sky opened a can.
Uncle Greg is starting a tradition:
Coffee, bagels, bikes, and holiday cheer. Not a bad way to send off a ride, and completely rad to have a HUGE and still hot, coffee can awaiting our return.

Thank you Stell Coffee for the Coffee!!

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hmmmm...Long Beach??? I know some people that live there.