Thursday, November 13

The Great Shake Out

The end is near. Or so we think. As all civilizations have thought.

Today at 10 am, my work is participating in The Great Southern California Shake Out - an earthquake drill for the record books, so they say. At the precise strike of 10, millions will "Drop, Cover, and Hold on" simulating the inevitable 7.8 earthquake that will last over a minute. The drill will take place from San Diego to Ventura!

Now the Northridge earthquake lasted 11 seconds at 6.7 on the Richter scale in 1994. It was quite devastating. Imagine a 7.8....

i always hope that i will be teaching on the field when the Big One comes. there is nothing to duck under or hide from, but with our luck, the fault will open right beneath us and swallow us up.

When i lived in the mountains i couldn't get renters insurance and one of the 5 reasons was that the Yucaipa Ridge Fault ran through my back yard, and is part of the San Andreas Fault system. Awesome.


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