Friday, November 28

A holiday is a holiday, no matter what time zone

In the Southern Hemisphere, a bit north of Wellington NZ, my sister's family is about to partake in a "feed" that would put the traditional American Thanksgiving to shame. But she claims her husband has lost the translation of the validity of the holiday and just wants to dress up like cowboys and Indians and have a living room war.

Young Griffyn learning to surf, digging deep for his long-lost NorCal roots.

I feel as if brother Jeremy spent the majority of our younger years, with that exact same pose, but he had TWO sisters, not just one...

Gwen, starting out as a little lady...what's with all the pink?! And could my rear even sit in that pool?

Good work Griffyn, way to embrace that second passport. Now USE it!!!

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Julene said...

YO! You can't trash our tradition! Why not have a living room war? We even ate pumpkin pie and it did NOT come from a can!!! And as for using his 2nd passport I think we'll stick with the NZ ones for now...much safer I think