Thursday, December 20

Tan Lines

Yes, it is mid-December. And No, i didn't move to the Southern Hemisphere!

Yes, i am still sporting a "small white t-shirt" and "small white shorts." The last three rides i have taken i have only been covered with shorts, jersey and a base layer, which i almost shed after the first hour of five.

That's just how we do it SoCal. I felt a bit chilly on my spin the other evening, but that is just because the sun had set. My computer said it was 53 degrees. Time for the vest and long fingered gloves! Night spins have been excellent here! A tour of Christmas lights does wonders for the spirits.

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Anonymous said...

Well I know you didn't get any tans lines from the cross races... J/K. I know you are in super secret training for next season.

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Whichever you celebrate. Either way I hope you get lots of cool new bike stuff.