Tuesday, December 4

It's December, bring on the gifts

I got myself my first Christmas gift today.

My Pro mountain bike upgrade.

I sent the news to some of the people i think are nice.

I should have thought twice.

"You’ve just sentenced yourself to a life of discontent, dissatisfaction, displeasure, misery, sorrow, unhappiness, dejection, and possible depression with a strong contrast of self-conceit (my favorite). Congratulations."

Matthew Freeman

So much for that idea.


Christie said...

yay! welcome to the club. you are a more than perfect fit!

Veeze Price said...

Congrats Lady! And good luck.

Jeremy Duerksen said...

nice work Joy. now you not only look pro, put up pro results and ride pro gear... you are pro! (now you just got to learn how to act pro ;)

Meggan said...

Yeeehaaaw! Congrats on all your hard work.