Thursday, October 11

Whose got some spirit?

This is an excerpt from an email sent to my homies today and responded to by Trevor Walton. This is what i do, when i am not rolling out the ball. If you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to give me a heads up.

Dear Friends who tend to *work* more than I do:
Next week is spirit week at school. The following is a list of the
days and their themes. Please give me viable options for how I too,
can participate in this scintillating week of tomfoolery.

Monday – Injury Day
Injury Day?!

What kinda messed up spirit activity is injury day? That's twisted.

Tuesday – Super Hero Day
I'll betcha all the kids are hip to (If you're not, you should be.), you should go as Dangeresque, or perhaps a Cheat Commando. You'd be the coolest teacher ever.

Wednesday – Groupie Day

Most groupies dress in attire that would probably be frowned upon at a Christian school. I'm at a loss here.

You could be an Apple groupie. Borrow someone's Powerbook, and an iPod, and wear jeans and a black turtleneck (Steve Job's signature attire.). That's probably a little too nerdy though, and would go over the heads of most of your audience.

Thursday – Fairy Tale Day
Little Red Riding hood?(FYI - this will be perfect. i have a hood and all. Or i can be a princess)

Friday – International Day
Pretend to be French and simply don't bother to show up. Instead, go to Stell and drink countless cups of espresso whilst chain-smoking, and reading Rousseau, or Descarte, or maybe sketching. If anyone asks, you're on strike until granted a 20% pay raise and health insurance for your pets.

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