Thursday, October 18

Things, Muy Grande

I HAVE A HUGE CALCULATOR, WHAT DO YOU HAVE? Luna's got nothing on us!

I HAVE TWO DOORS TO MY has dry wall on the inside. sometimes i hear people knocking on my "wall."

THE OTHER ONE opens into a world i am not sure i want to be part of. i really dont like the holidays and i really do not like lame decorations. The Home and School committee feels otherwise. My office is in a keen spot for entry to events, thus, i live in a barn. Please note the door to the stable. The floor is covered with hay droppings.

TODAY, FAIRY TALE DAY: The cow jumped over the moon, and landed on my field. i did get permission to use this outfit for a Cross Race. If i ever actually commit to doing one.

CINDERELLA: Most of the time they look like this -

BUT I THINK WE PULLED IT OFF PRETTY WELL. Totally NOT my idea. I DO NOT play well with others. But, i had two coworkers say they thought of it and we just rolled wtih it. I had a prince, fairy god mother and the works. Dont worry, it didnt last for long.

I GOT DUNKED: Thank goodness they set up a parasol. it was hot, 68 degrees outside. They even made the water hot. I knocked myself in twice, and when i sat too far forward the chair would hit me on the spine. I have a bruise now.

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Christie said...

hmmmm. that calculator seems to remind me of Matt's garmin/watch..


love the cow costume.