Friday, October 26

Intra-Office fun

Matt and Christie work across the street from me. I could throw softballs at their cars as they drive by, and possibly tag them with a frisbee as they are walking to the cafe. They both stare at computers all day. So does Trevor. But he doesn't work across the street. But i am sure i could derail him from his Fixed Gear as he rides to work. Just keep pedalling...(Think Dori from NEMO here)

SO i devised an exciting game. MADLIBS are back and more fun than ever. I send them the parts of speech needed, then fill it in, print them, take them home to the Johnson family who reads them, laughs, cries, and votes on the winner of the day. we are doing a best out of 5, and the prize is yet to be selected.



If your skin is STUNNING or ANNOYING, you can cure this condition with the following regimen. Every morning, before washing your ILIAC CREST, massage it gently with a/an MICROWAVE that has been soaked overnight in a/an ERN full of warm PEDIALITE. Then mix together some ICE CREAM and some PLACE MAT until the mixture becomes BREATH TAKING, and pat this onto your RIPPED face for five minutes. Then remove, using a/an POWER POINT, and wash your face with SUCCULANT water. Do not omit this VULUPTIOUS step, or your skin will become TWIGGY. Do this LOVINGLY every day, and you will soon be as BONEY as ANNETTE.

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Yeah, that's right.